3 Artisan Chocolate Bars

3 Artisan Chocolate Bars

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Each artisan chocolate bar contains raisins, cranberries, and mixed nuts with a flavorful sprinkle of sea salt and siracha!

Oliver Behavioral Consultants (OBC) is proud to showcase the entrepreneurial efforts of our young members with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities.
OBC GIVES BACK was created based on the interest of a group of teenagers at OBC curious about learning ways to support our non-for-profit community partners, through the production of sellable goods.

The back of each card displays the following information: 

 Entrepreneurship Sees no Limits 
    OBC takes functional skills to a new level!
    Our young artists with ASD and other developmental disabilities love to participate in art projects. These beautiful cards display their talented skills. Created with passion by our kids in an effort to sell goods to raise funds for one of our local non-for-profit support agencies.
    In combination with our young artists, our teenagers are planning and implementing the logistics of the project. This effort represents an opportunity for our young adults to experience participation in our community's economy.
    We thank you for your support and participation in this important venture.
All funds collected will be donated to the ARC of Adams County.