Using a collaborative model, multiple services (Speech, Mental Health, Behavior and Occupational Therapy) are provided at a single location, which allows for wrap-around services. This is a team approach to planning and treatment. Our team of professionals collaboratively develop an individualized treatment plan and remain in frequent communication to provide successful outcomes.

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Behavioral  Services

♦ Our behavioral therapists practice Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help individuals learn foundational skills and to reduce challenging, inappropriate, or dangerous behaviors. ABA focuses on assessing the function or cause of these behaviors, and the use of prompting and reinforcement techniques to motivate individuals to change their behavior. We work with children and adults with a range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental disabilities, and ADHD.

 ♦ We work on reducing a variety of behaviors, including but not limited to: refusals, aggression, disruption, repetitive behaviors, elopement, and tantrums.

♦ We also work on goals related to improving imitation, attending skills, direction-following, social skills, self-care skills, play skills, tolerance to non-preferred stimuli, waiting, functional communication, toilet training, executive functioning skills,  and several other areas.

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Speech & Language

Speech and Language Pathologists provide services to individuals with communication, cognitive, fluency, pragmatic, and voice impairments at any stage of the client’s life.

♦ Individuals we serve may present with a variety of strengths and needs. Our clinicians value Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and have years of experience working with individuals with a variety of disorders.

♦ Our therapists focus on collaboration between all members of the individual's team including other clinicians, family members, and teachers. We strive to build a connection and promote carryover across all settings. We strive to build functional communication and implement strategies that improve overall understanding and use of language. This includes the development of sounds, grammar, vocabulary, social skills, and age appropriate play (a foundational skill for language!). We are a team of Evidence Based Practice clinicians who care deeply about our clients and their path towards communicative independence.


Occupational Therapy

♦ Occupational Therapy assists children and adults to improve in purposeful activities and independence with their daily routines. Daily routines or “occupations”, include self-care activities, play, school participation, and leisure activities.

 ♦ Our Occupational Therapy team specializes in the assessment and treatment of deficits that impact an individual’s independence and participation in their occupations (e.g. fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing and self-regulation, social and play skills).


♦ At OBC, we value our strong team of Mental Health professionals with a diverse background.

♦ We provide services and therapy from birth to adulthood.



♦Diagnostic evaluations can identify Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Intellectual Disabilities, often saving families months of time waiting for these evaluations elsewhere.